Greenvine Graves

Greenvine Graves

Ninety years in the future, a teacher named Greenvine Graves clings to Seattle, battered, ruined, but still unflooded.

The other coastal cities of the world were long since scoured away by the rising oceans and the hotter, more powerful storms.

Seattle was almost doomed, but it erected the Puget Sound Wall in time.

People there have floating cars. They have robots that perform surgeries perfectly. They also have food shortages that technology can’t fix. They have to ration and recycle even the most basic staples.

The technology evolved, but the people are still desperate and opportunistic. Greenvine Graves finds himself embroiled in all the struggles over resources and advantage. Little does he know he’s seeing the start of a massive secret war that will sweep up the entire world.

The first arc, Greenvine Graves: Bounty Hunter, will feature three novels and several short stories.

The story I wrote that led me to develop all this is called Lucas The Thief. You can read it for free.