Month: July 2017

New Website Here, New Series Coming

New Website Here, New Series Coming

My old Blogger website has gone to the digital graveyard. It did its job tirelessly for years, but it just wasn’t ready for the next, hard campaign. If there is an afterlife for electrons, I hope it enjoys the all-you-can-eat buffets and finds racy celebrity-gossip blogs to drool over.

In its place, I have a new WordPress blog that I am slowly getting off the ground. Why? I have a new sci-fi thriller series starting and I want to offer some amazing features to my readers. First will be a short story, Lucas the Thief, in this universe. Soon will come the entire first novel, Invisible Warfare, posted right here.

After that will be a wiki for all the unique ideas, places, slang, and people in this future universe. Beyond that? Your guess might be as good as mine, but I’m putting my money on special stories released here free for my readers.

I’ve been developing this new universe for more than two years and I’m ecstatic to finally begin sharing it. So get ready to meet Greenvine Graves and the whole host of interesting, dangerous, complicated people he fights with, mourns with, and wins with.