The Greenvine Graves Series

The Greenvine Graves Series

One hundred years from now…

Only Seattle, of the world’s coastal cities, has survived the risen oceans and the scouring storms that beat on the land.

People float to their destinations in mag-lofts, rather than drive in wheeled cars.

People trust nurse-robots more than they do hospitals, cheaper too.

The streams contain everything and stretch everywhere, with recordings of the critical and the tedious, plus talking-head commentators trying to profit from all of it.

Drugs are legal if often lethal. Brothels welcome men and women, police too. Society’s problem is how the crop-lands have shifted with the new hot spots since some staple-foods couldn’t adapt at all. Getting enough real food every day is a trick, though fake fish and cheese are always available. Smart people have food stations in their kitchens to grow avocados or other favorites under known-safe conditions.

Law and order has transformed the most. There are no more prison sentences in response to crimes, nor any public prisons. The punishment for murder or theft or even lying is a loss of rights, which sounds like little but is now the most important thing a person can have. The police won’t protect a rightless, computers and all other tech won’t respond to them, they have no protections against violence, theft, or the bounty hunter industry who hunts them.

The only rule that matters is: those who do not follow the law do not deserve protection under the law. It’s merciless and unforgiving, like the scouring oceans and much else about the world.

Lucas The Lucky Cover ArtWant to experience this world for yourself? Start Here: Lucas the Lucky

This is a short story I originally wrote as part of another novel, but the ideas in this story wouldn’t leave me alone. I’ve returned to it quite a few times and it has given me the “meat” to launch an entire universe to write in. I hope you enjoy it.

The Greenvine Graves Series

These novels and short stories all center around one former crime victim, Greenvine Graves, who lost his teaching career and his fiancee in the aftermath of the violence done to him. He chose a new life, the bounty hunting life. This arc of the novels and short stories are the record of his life and times, his cleverness, his mistakes, and his struggles.

Greenvine is odd for his name and his beliefs. He doesn’t want to kill or inflict cruelty. He wants to help people, rightless or with rights, who need it, but that’s not an easy thing to do.

He first appears in Invisible Warfare.

Invisible Warfare

One young woman learns how much it costs to be an honest cop in a ruined city. One crime victim survives an attack and has to restart his life. He decides upon the most dangerous field there is: bounty hunting. Coming soon.

Schooled Warfare

Not everything is as it should be for an Army major attending an important training school. One bounty hunter has to infiltrate that military installation to save his imprisoned friends. Coming soon.

Opportune Warfare

A bounty hunter who retired after a decade’s work finds that his younger brother is the lure to draw him into another bounty hunter’s trap. Coming soon.

Greenvine Graves: Bounty Hunter Story Collection

This volume will collect all of the short stories I’ll be writing for this arc of Greenvine’s adventures.